Names with stories: The story behind CMO, Jill Callan, talks all things presentations and artificial intelligence, their brand name and what led them to the decision to choose the domain

What is the story behind 

Founder/CEO Mitch Grasso’s last startup, SlideRocket, was the first presentation tool to take advantage of all the cool things that you can do by moving productivity to the cloud – collaboration, sharing, analytics, integrations. But at its heart, it was still an authoring tool – just like PowerPoint or Keynote, you dragged boxes around, picked fonts and colors, and ultimately made every design decision by yourself. You could make great-looking presentations if you had the time and design skills but most people don’t and still struggle with creating great presentations. After he sold SlideRocket to VMware in 2011, Mitch started thinking about how he could make something better. How could he make it so anyone – not just a designer – could create beautiful presentations quickly and easily?

And so Mitch Grasso, Founder and CEO, built by taking his own experience and skill as a designer to create opinionated software that actually understands the rules and best practices of presentation design and constrains users to ensure what they create looks great and communicates effectively. The biggest challenge was finding the balance between making it really easy to use but still flexible enough that you could communicate your ideas.

The great part is that not only do you end up with a presentation that is probably better-looking than what you might be able to create by yourself, but that actually takes far less time and effort so you can spend your time on what you know best – telling your story, communicating your idea, making your pitch – not worrying about how it looks or how to best visualize your ideas.

When did you start thinking about your brand name and how did you settle on

Mitch was looking for a name that was relevant to the design aspects of what he was building but that also had connotations of intelligence or automation. The .AI domain had recently become available so it was easier to find good available domain names and we really liked the dichotomy of Beautiful and AI, two words that seemed at odds with each other yet accurately described what Mitch was trying to build. We also wanted to be provocative and choose a name that made you wonder, what exactly is that?

How did you get the domain name for your brand? Why did you select that one exactly?

It was pretty simple, actually. We were torn between the brand name beautiful slides or in the early days. A quick google search yielded results that both domains were available so we purchased them. We think the juxtaposition between beautiful and AI perfectly translates our value prop which is to let anyone create beautiful presentations 10x faster (and 10x better) than any other presentation software on the market.