5 reasons you need to take a brake this Labour Day

...and feel zero percent guilty about it!

Although many people think that in order to grow our businesses we have to work tirelessly, we shouldn’t forget all benefits from taking a good break and getting away for the weekend. Here are all the reasons you should take a day off from work on the occasion of International Labour Day - and feel zero percent guilty about it!

1) Your entire team will benefit from that time as well

While coronavirus remains a concern all around the world lately, this means extra challenges when trying to balance the demands of work life and home life. It would be refreshing, for you and your whole team, to put work aside. As Anne Lamott once said, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” We all rushing to finish all our chores, spend time with the kids (homeschooling is not an easy task, right?), catch a movie, and do the grocery shopping. And it is exhausting. So put on your armor and fight for your right to relax. You deserve it.

2) You are taking a step back

Don’t underestimate the power of taking that step back. It will provide you with a much better view and a wider and bigger picture. When you’re constantly focused on that one project, one problem you fail to see solutions, you can’t see how parts of your project mechanism fit together because you're turning them the other way around. Once you decide to move from it you will notice things you haven’t done, and what should you do differently. You will be able to isolate the most important thing to do.

3) You will have an opportunity to keep in touch

You know that friend that you were not able to get in touch because you were so busy with work? Well, this is a perfect time to contact them and renew your relationship. We are social beings and human contact is food for our soul, and yet we neglect it so often. This special time with your friends will make you happy and when you’re happy, you will be a better leader. Even in most simple conversations, you can get some great insights that can affect your work in a positive way.

4) You can take a break from the stress

Stress is one of the strongest factors that affect your focus. It can blur your sight so much that you get stuck on a certain problem for months. That point is a perfect sign that you need a break. Watch Netflix, do yoga, meditate, open that can of beer you wanted the whole week, eat icecream, do whatever makes you relaxed, and keeps your mind at peace. Incredibly, that’s when you will get the greatest insights, that’s the moment when the idea just pops into your head and you have a breakthrough.

5) You can do that thing you never had time for

This could be the reason enough to take time for yourself. Did you want to take some classes? What's with that book you haven't finished? Enjoy the simple things in life. Pet a dog. Play strategic board games. Catch up on rest. Plant seeds. You name it! The world is not gonna fall apart if you take a day off. Neither will your business. On the contrary, you will give it a fresh point of view, new opportunities will occur in your head and you will get back to work more satisfied and ready for new endeavors.

Are you still thinking that taking some time off is not a good idea? Be brave as you are in your business and you will see amazing results. Working hard can be good if you know when it’s enough and when it’s time to take a break. Otherwise, you are slowing your growth process and even worse you will have burnout. You deserve it (as much as your team), so go enjoy the sunlight and let your mind shine bright.

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