From 'Bought By Many' to ManyPets: Paving the Way for Industry Innovation

ManyPets is a pet health and insurance provider that aims to enhance the quality of life for pets and their guardians. Initially founded under the name “Bought By Many,” the company quickly established itself as a leader in the pet insurance industry, introducing innovative policies such as coverage for pre-existing conditions and being the first pet insurance provider in the UK to offer online claims. The new name embodies the company’s core mission to provide insurance coverage and health services to a multitude of pets and their families, reflecting the broad scope of their offerings and the inclusive spirit of their brand.

With the rebrand, ManyPets secured the exact brand match domain name Domains with dictionary words are easy to remember, as they are typically straightforward and descriptive. They can convey credibility and professionalism, as they are often perceived as clearer and more reliable names. This can be especially important for businesses that want to build customer trust and credibility. They also give a strong competitive edge by increasing organic traffic and overall marketing effectiveness. MenyPets has been included in our recent report on the top pet tech brands

Old domain
Name Complexity, Limited Recognition, Limiting Growth
New domain