DoiT International's Domain Name Upgrade: A Smooth Move to a Stronger Online Presence

DoiT International, based in Santa Clara, is a cloud management platform used by companies such as AutoTrader,, and Current. The company helps optimise cloud costs and offers technical services and consultations. 

DoiT International operated on, which was not ideal for a company of the calibre of DoiT. Many companies initially opt for subpar domain names and later upgrade to an exact brand match. The use of dashes is common in these situations, especially with two-word brand names, when the business has to settle for a compromised domain name because the exact brand match is unavailable. Investing in a domain name like can create a solid initial impression for new customers. This domain name helps establish trust and credibility, as well as secure the brand for the future and improve all marketing efforts. The upgrade to elevates DoiT International’s prestige and strengthens its online leadership in the Cloud Management Sector.

Old domain
Traffic Loss, User Confusion, Limiting Growth
New domain