SaltPay Rebrands to Teya on a Mission to Empower Every Business in Europe to Thrive

Established in 2019, SaltPay is a comprehensive business solutions provider catering to small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Europe. In April 2023, the company changed its name as Teya to better align with the comprehensive range of services it offers that go beyond simple payments. 

Prior to the rebranding, the company utilised the .co domain extension, which serves as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Colombia. While country code domains can offer a broader selection of available names, they may also introduce potential risks and challenges. The business also switched to the shorter and more memorable domain name, opening new growth and development opportunities. The new brand name, Teya, is also a personal name. Our recent study highlights the benefits of adopting a personal name as a brand name, including the ability to build trust, establish a more personal connection with customers, and imbue the brand with a distinctive character and authenticity. 

Old domain
Traffic Loss, Product Expansion, Limiting Growth, Market Recognition
New domain