About MarkUpgrade

Founded in 2018, MarkUpgrade works with established brands and businesses that have already achieved product-market fit but are encountering limitations due to their current domain name.

At our core, we are committed to helping brand owners learn about domain names as strategic brand assets. It's not just a part of what we do; it's the very foundation of our work and values.

Led by Tatiana Bonneau, with over 18 years of experience in the field of branding, marketing and entrepreneurship, our small team can help you navigate the domain landscape and ensure you have a solid domain strategy, leaving no room for missed opportunities or unnecessary risks.

We specialise in premium domain names ranging from $30,000 to millions. Our clients are entrepreneurs and businesses that embrace the value that premium domain names bring to the success of their businesses.

Tatiana Bonneau
Founder & CEO

With 18+ years of experience in marketing, IT, and branding, Tatiana leads with expertise and adventure. An ultra trail runner and a family woman with four children, her dynamic lifestyle shapes our strategic vision.

Tsani Gramatikova
Research & Content Contributor

Key to our team since the start, Tsani's tranquility meets dynamic energy. Living in the countryside with her family and three dogs, she adds calm focus. With a math background, she brings precision to our work.

Monica Stankova
Content Specialist

Our content specialist, Monica blends tech passion with motherhood joys. Crafting engaging content and embracing mountain runs, she's an integral part of our team since day one.

Arnaud Petit
Marketing & Communication Specialist

A Parisian and global traveler, Arnaud adds charm to marketing. With a love for history and fitness, he crafts engaging messages and brings a touch of excitement to our team.

Artem Khyzhynskiy
Programmer & Designer

Our talented programmer with an artistic eye. Beyond coding, Artem nurtures growth, both in programming and cultivating plants. His readiness to help makes him invaluable.

Volodymyr Yanushkevych
Audio & Video Editing Expert

Audio and video editing expert, Volodymyr enhances our podcast production. With over a decade of experience, his attention to detail ensures a professional listening experience.

Gregory Morozov
Server Infrastructure Manager & Cybersecurity Expert

Handling server infrastructure and cybersecurity globally, Gregory ensures our digital assets are robust and secure, safeguarding our online presence.