About MarkUpgrade

Founded in 2018, MarkUpgrade works with established brands and businesses that have already achieved product-market fit but are encountering limitations due to their current domain name.

Led by Tatiana Bonneau, with over 18 years of experience in the field of branding, marketing and entrepreneurship, our small team can help you navigate the domain landscape and ensure you have a solid domain strategy, leaving no room for missed opportunities or unnecessary risks.

We specialise in premium domain names ranging from $30,000 to millions. Our clients are entrepreneurs and businesses that embrace the value that premium domain names bring to the success of their businesses.

Our team

Tatiana Bonneau

Tatiana brings a rich blend of marketing, IT, and branding experience of over 18 years to our team. An ultra trail runner with a passion for entrepreneurship and the excitement of living in different countries, her dynamic lifestyle is complemented by a loving family of four children, her husband, and pets including a cat named Odesa and Tuman, a doberman. Her extensive expertise and adventurous spirit fuel our strategic direction, making her an inspiring leader and visionary force.

Tsani Gramatikova

Tsani is a key member of our team, contributing in research, engagement, and content since our early days. Living in the tranquil countryside with her loving husband, curly-haired angel of a boy, and trio of crazy dogs, she brings a sense of calm and focus to our dynamic environment. With a background in mathematics, Tsani leverages her analytical skills to bring precision to our work. Outside of her professional pursuits, Tsani cherishes a good book and the soothing melodies of her favorite music.

Monica Stankova

Monica is our content specialist. She has been a vital part of our team since the very beginning. Passionate about technology, research, and content creation. When she's not crafting engaging content, Monica enjoys running in the mountains, spending quality time with her husband, their adorable daughter, and her yorkie, fully embracing the joys of motherhood and nature.

Arnaud Petit

Arnaud, a true Parisian and world traveler, brings a blend of charm and expertise to our marketing and communication efforts. With a passion for history and a flair for engaging storytelling, he crafts messages that resonate. A fitness enthusiast who's as dedicated to his workouts as he is to making marketing fun and sexy, Arnaud's unique perspective and vibrant personality add a touch of excitement and elegance to our team.

Artem Khyzhynskiy

Artem, our talented programmer, brings a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic vision to our team. With his background in photography, Artem has a keen eye for design that informs his work in programming. Beyond his technical skills, he's known for his readiness to lend a helping hand, making him an invaluable part of our team. Artem's passion for growing plants is not just a hobby; it reflects his nurturing nature and ability to cultivate growth in both gardens and digital landscapes.

Volodymyr Yanushkevych

Volodymyr is our go-to expert for all things related to audio and video editing, specializing in our podcast production. With over a decade of experience, he fine-tunes and enhances sound quality to ensure the best possible listening experience for our audience. His diverse skill set and meticulous attention to detail make every episode resonate with clarity and professionalism.

Gregory Morozov

Gregory is responsible for our server infrastructure management and cybersecurity worldwide. Handling all the "serious stuff," he ensures our digital assets are robust and secure. His commitment to technological excellence makes him an invaluable part of our team, safeguarding our online presence.


Interested in joining our team? We're always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for technology and innovation. If you think you have what it takes to contribute to our success, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out via the contact page.


At MarkUpgrade our diverse team is motivated by more than just business goals. Each of us  supports causes close to our hearts, and we'd be honored if you took a moment to learn about these causes and consider supporting them as well.

Tatiana's cause

Since the beginning of the war over 3500 educational institutions have been damaged in Ukraine, with 341 completely destroyed. In the midst of the horrors of war, kids must continue their education. Going to school helps them keep some normality in their life and is an investment in our future. This initiative by KSE foundation is to provide Ukrainian schools with safe, well equipped shelters so kids can continue their education. Please support with a donation here.

Tsani's cause

Sofia has a significant number of stray animals. Animal Rescue Sofia (ARS) is actively working to help. They run a farm shelter outside the city, housing many dogs, giving them care, and finding them homes. ARS focuses on practical solutions to real issues these animals face daily. If you'd like to make a difference, supporting ARS is a straightforward way to help Sofia's stray animals. Every bit of assistance counts.

Monica's cause

The Foundation for Premature Children and their Families in Bulgaria assists early-born babies and their caregivers. They offer equipment, training, and a helping hand to families during challenging times. With Bulgaria's evolving neonatal care, the foundation fills vital gaps. Your support can make a direct impact on these young lives and their families. You can learn about the cause here and make a donation using the PayPal button on the page.

Arnaud's cause

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have endured severe injuries, both in combat and civilian areas. Superhumans.com is  a rehabilitation center in Ukraine, aiming to provide both adults and children the outstanding, superhero-quality life they rightfully deserve. You can learn more about the initiative and make an impact by donating.

Artem's cause

"Come Back Alive" has been steadfastly supporting Ukraine's Defense Forces since 2014. Post the 2022 invasion, their role grew, supplying advanced equipment, from UAV systems to armored vehicles. They are the first Ukrainian charity licensed to import military goods. Beyond equipment, they've trained 10,000+ military specialists, ensuring enhanced defense capabilities. Upholding transparency, all donations and expenditures are trackable in real-time. Their efforts also span veteran support and defense analytics. You can learn more about Come Back Alive and donate here.

Volodymyr's cause

Since 2016, the "Valkyria" organization has been active, hosting festivals like "Under the Trident's Protection" and initiating the "Freedom Women" project, which highlights the history of women's movements in Ukraine and their fight for the country's integrity. Since the beginning of the war they support Ukraine's defenders by globally sourcing essential supplies. Marina Mirzayeva, Valkyria's leader, speaks here about their efforts, challenges, and the amazing people they collaborate with. Support them here.