CarCare To Go Becomes Roda, a Rebrand Symbolising Expansion and Commitment to Transparency and Trust

In 2020, CarCare To Go embarked on a journey to transform the vehicle maintenance experience. Founded on the idea that vehicle maintenance should be as convenient as ordering groceries online, the company quickly gained popularity for its innovative approach to car repair services. In September 2023, CarCare To Go underwent a rebrand, revealing its new name, Roda. The rebrand also includes a transition to a premium CVCV domain, CVCV domains are characterised by their brevity, ease of pronunciation and memorability, resonating well across languages and cultures. Renowned global brands such as Nike, Dove, Visa, Sony, Lego, Bose and Puma have long used the appeal of CVCV domains to strengthen brand visibility and trust.

Old Domain
New Domain