Spill Enhances Brand Presence and User Experience with Upgrade to Spill.com

Spill is a next-generation social platform that puts culture first, founded by former Twitter employees Alphonso "Fonz" Terrell and De Varys Brown. The name 'Spill' is derived from the phrase 'spill the tea, ' which is commonly used to share gossip or interesting news.

Spill appears to have upgraded its original domain, Spill-App.com, to an exact brand match domain, Spill.com. Hyphens are often used in company names with two or added words when the company needs to compromise its domain name. This can lead to user confusion, traffic and email leaks, security risks, and ineffective advertising. Choosing an exact brand match domain enhances a company's authority and helps prevent confusion, ensuring that users and communications find their way to the right destination.

Old Domain
New Domain