RRAI Rebrands to Forterra, Solidifying Its Focus on Ground-Based Autonomy Innovation

Robotic Research Autonomous Industries (RRAI) has rebranded to Forterra, emphasising its focus on ground-based autonomy innovations within the defence and commercial sectors. The name Forterra merges“for”, as in “directed to” or “belonging to”, with “terra” (Latin for earth or solid ground), and subtly includes “forte” from “fortem” (Latin for strong) – an ability to withstand a great force or pressure. The double Rs pay homage to their original name and over two decades of innovation. Forterra's rebrand includes acquiring the domain Forterra.com, a crucial move for gaining trust and authority. This strategy is especially vital for a growing, market-leading company like Forterra. Similarly, top military tech and defence firms often use exact brand match domains to safeguard their brand identity and enhance online recognition.

Old Domain
New Domain