Frequently Asked Questions

What does MarkUpgrade do?

We consult visionary entrepreneurs on acquiring the perfect domain names, helping brands reach their full potential.

What is the value of domain names MarkUpgrade represents?

We assist successful companies and funded startups in acquiring strategic domain names that can transform their businesses. If you're ready to invest $100,000+, our exclusive portfolio offers an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate growth, defend your brand and market, and boost your global presence, giving your brand a competitive edge.

How does securing a domain name with MarkUpgrade work?

1. Introduction Call: After submitting the form you will receive an introduction email with more details and a link to booking an introduction call to discuss the domain in detail.
2. Proposal: After our discussion, if you're interested, you can submit your proposal for the domain.
3. Feedback: We will relay your proposal to the domain owner and you can expect feedback within approximately seven working days on its status - whether accepted, countered, or declined.
Note: The specific process might vary depending on the particular domain of interest.

What payment methods do you accept for domain transactions?

For the protection and peace of mind of all parties involved, we exclusively work with or an equivalent U.S.-based escrow agent to facilitate all transactions. This ensures that the domain and funds are securely exchanged in compliance with legal standards. All Escrow fees are covered by the Buyer.

For domains MarkUpgrade represents, do you work with brokers / agents / advisors?

Our requirement is to have an open line of communication with the acquiring party. We understand the value an advisor may bring to the negotiation and so your advisor is welcome to attend our meeting/s with you.

Why do you only work with .COM domains?

The .COM extension is a brand of its own. Synonymous with the internet itself, .COM domains have universal recognition, credibility, and enduring value. Our focus on .COM domains ensures that our clients not only establish a prestigious online identity but also benefit from the inherent brand strength that a .COM domain provides.