8 Entrepreneurs and brand experts share their advice on branding and naming

You’re ready to launch! But wait, what about your name?

You’re ready to launch! But wait, what about your brand name? Yes, of course, you have one. What was the process of choosing a brand name for your business? What about your domain name? We asked some entrepreneurs and branding experts about their experience in order to help you make a more informed choice when it comes to naming your next venture. Here is what they share.

"I refer to the great Steve Jobs: "Marketing (and branding) is about values." It really is. Know who you are and what you stand for as a company, and it will make a lot of decisions easier, including what your name and logo should be. It will also help you to figure out in broad terms who your ideal customers are. " Ricky Robinson, CEO of Shorthand

"For any company that’s thinking about rebranding, know that change is challenging for everyone, and most people resist it. But if that change is for the better, stick with it. It helps to come from a perspective of genuinely wanting to solve problems for the good of everyone." Jean-Yves Sireau, CEO of Deriv.com 

"Think about "own-ability" of your name. It's hard to stand out with generic or descriptive names. You'll never overcome SEO for someone else's brand no matter how much you spend. Then be sure to live your brand, especially in the marketing space. How many agencies do you see ignoring their own marketing advice when it comes to their own brand? If you're selling it, be sure you're buying it." Ted Rubin, CMO and Advisory Board Member at Photofy 

"If you have the possibility to start with a great domain name from the start, you'll benefit from it later. Because in the end, you'll definitely need one." Mike Slaats, the founder of Upvoty