What you can learn from Fortune 500 Companies and their domain name choices

We analyzed the Fortune 500 list of brands and their domain name choices, here’s what we have learned.

Ever wondered what domain names are the most successful companies using? We did too! So we decided to analyze the Fortune 500 list of brands for 2020 and group them by their domain choices. 

The number of brands with .com domain name extension

Since .com extension is one of the most used extensions, it’s not surprising that 83.2% out of 500 analyzed companies are using it.

Those .com domains are divided to 5.048% dash domains (21 companies), 84.61% exact brand match domains (352 companies) and 10.33% (43 companies) other .com domains.

Brands with the EBM (exact brand match) domain names

84.61% (352 out of 416 .com domains are exact brand match domains, which makes 70.4% of 500 analyzed brands. This means that those companies didn’t add anything to their name in order to obtain a domain, but they were smart or lucky enough to get their exact brand match domain.  

On the other hand, some brands had to add a word to their brand name when acquiring a domain and those are 43 out of 500 domains which makes 8,6% of all analyzed domains.

21 of the analyzed companies, which makes 4.2% of them, chose to add a dash since the exact brand match is already taken.

16.8% out of 500 analyzed companies are using other extensions for their domains. Those include, country-specific extensions, .net, .org, etc. What’s interesting is that the majority of this group is Chinese companies with .com.cn which is China’s country-code domain extension.

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