Names with stories: The story behind

David Kosmayer, CEO and Founder of talks about the original idea for his brand, naming, and the importance of visibility, consistency, and a highly effective value proposition. is an AI-powered website creation tool for non-technical people. David Kosmayer, CEO and Founder of, shares the story behind his brand for our "Names With Stories" series of interviews.

What is the story behind Bookmark, how did you come up with the idea?

My first company was a marketing agency and affiliate program in the early 2000’s. I was at the forefront of working with owners to get their business or products online and in front of the right traffic channels. This allowed me to see, first hand, how difficult it was to get even relatively simple businesses online. I couldn’t even be out with friends without someone approaching me to ask how they could get a website and online store up and running.  

This is when I realized that building an online presence needed to be MUCH MORE accessible and SO MUCH easier. So I embarked on a journey to build Bookmark in 2014.

How did you settle on the brand name Bookmark? Did you consider others? 

At one point in my past company, I became a domain enthusiast and purchased as an investment. At first, I tried to start a bookmarking service as a side project in 2009. That project didn’t pan out as planned but decided to hold onto the domain anyways. So when I started working on a website builder in 2014, I instantly thought would be perfect for the project as a brandable name that was easy to remember. Bookmark is less about a book place holder and more about making your mark in the digital world. Honestly, I did not consider any others. It was one of the best, and easiest decisions I have ever made. 

Many AI-related startups get .ai domain names, you went for a premium .com, what was the reasoning behind that? 

Artificial intelligence is less about robots and more about algorithms that make our lives easier through analysis and intelligent prediction. Bookmark is a website builder that uses AI to empower business owners to achieve more results with less effort when it comes to building and managing their online presence. It really is just a matter of time before every piece of software has AI algorithms to improve processes and make our lives easier. All this is to say that you don’t need to have a .ai domain as an AI company. Every business will have AI so that domain will mean less and less as we move forward.

How would you value for your brand now? If someone was to buy it, what price would you put on the domain name?

Now that the domain is attached to a brand, the value is no longer able to be priced on its own. is now part of something bigger and merged into our company.

Prior to Bookmark becoming a brand, the domain was valued around $200,000 USD. If you were patient and marketed the domain properly, you could probably get much more than that.