A word from the MarkUpgrade team regarding COVID-19

As you are likely aware, the current COVID-19 outbreak is affecting many businesses and services, both online and offline. I would like to take a moment to affirm our commitment to you as this situation progresses, and share some resources you may find useful.

Our services

All of the MarkUpgrade team is remote and so we will continue our work, in keeping with all the measures taken by the countries where our team members reside. There are no implications that COVID-19 will impact our ability to deliver our services, so if you have enquired after, or are in the process of acquiring a premium domain name with us, we will proceed as usual. 

If you have a call scheduled to discuss a domain acquisition or for a consultation, we will attend those calls as set. If you wish to reschedule a call feel free to do so following the links to my calendar you received when booking a call, or simply by connecting with me via email.

We will continue to respond to all requests within 24 hours. 

Useful resources

Now that we have covered business, here are some resources that I hope will be useful in this stressful and uncertain time:

CoronaVirus.com - The domain name was acquired by GoDaddy as part of the acquisition of Uniregistry earlier this year. It now points to the official World Health Organization page dedicated to the disease outbreak with all relevant information one should be familiar with.

Tracking Coronavirus - 17-year-old Avi Schiffmann, a high school junior from Mercer Island outside Seattle, developed a website to track COVID-19 cases globally.

Watch out for symptoms - The official United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list of symptoms, updated as they gather new information and details.

Coronavirus assessment tool - developed by Carbon Health this is an easy to use tool to check your symptoms

Things to do

Famous museums virtual tours - This was a great find - you can experience the best museums from London to Seoul in the comfort of your own home.

Boost morale - Residents in Italy are singing, dancing and playing music from their balconies and windows to boost morale amid their countrywide quarantine. Here is a moving performance by Italian Tenor Maurizio Marchini and many more performances here.

Catch up - Spending more time at home doesn’t have to be all that bad, especially if you use it well. You can catch up with tasks, spend time with your loved ones, learn things online, exercise, read, write, draw, think of all the things you never get the time to do! Just a tiny part of the great resources to learn online we found:

Udemy - free and paid courses on various topics

edX - free and paid courses

MasterClass - monthly and yearly subscription with world famous coaches

- A collection of 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free

Stay in touch - It is always important to stay in touch with your loved ones and friends, even more so in such uncertain times. Luckily now we have all the technology to make that easily achievable online.  Connect with your relatives and friends, and don’t forget younger kids - they will miss their friends and social life too! You can always schedule video calls for them with friends and family. Some tools I find great to connect:

Zoom - if you’re not already using it now is the time, it is super light, has many features, you can dial in from a phone or connect from computer, have multiple participants and a whole lot of features (you can check them here). Some domain name trivia (can’t help it!) - Zoom launched in 2011 on the domain name zoom.us. They acquired their .com in 2018.

Skype - the good old skype we all know, I find it a bit like Facebook - bit too old, too heavy but I have all my contacts there, so still use it. With all it’s down sides it has been around for so long and given many people will rush to communicate online over the coming weeks (hopefully not months!), it is still a good way to communicate.

Whatsapp and Viber - pretty similar in what they do, I have both on my phone for easy (and free) video and audio calls to friends and family. Don’t find them reliable enough for work but they are great to keep in touch at the tip of your fingers, without much technical knowledge, preparation and effort required.

If you have kids

If you happen to have kids, I feel you! Kids are full of energy and keeping them at home for long periods of times can quickly become challenging for all parties involved. Here is a list of 20 activities, you will likely remember many of those from your childhood, before screens took over:) One I didn’t see mentioned and works wonders at home with my younger kids (4-10 years old) - get the kids to prepare you a theatre play. Can get messy but keeps them occupied for hours and the results are mostly hilarious. Mine even thought of selling us tickets! And the dog got involved:)

It may seem easier with older kids - they can keep themselves busy online or with books, or creative activities in the house. Still worth keeping an eye on what they do, especially if your kid/s are in their early teens - there is a crazy amount of content online that can cause stress, anxiety, have direct affect on their self confidence or even worse. You can use that extra time to get to know their online world better and talk about the risks involved.


Our team is remote so we are quite used to work from a distance and keep that team spirit up whilst work runs smooth. It has its challenges but also many upsides and we try to meetup as often as possible when we travel. Here are some tools we use:

- Asana - I discovered Asana about 4 years ago and have been introducing it to every project I work on since. It has free and paid features and works for teams of different sizes.

- Canva - this is the best thing ever for company social media visuals, stationary and any presentations. Again, free and paid options, you can get all your team members on and they will always have access to create, edit and download well designed brand materials.

I hope all the above finds you well and is of use. Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands and check on your close ones in higher risk groups. Feel free to reach out if you have any feedback or/and questions. I am always happy to hear form you.


Tatiana Bonneau


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