Sky's the Limit: IPsoft's Transformation to Amelia

Amelia is an American technology company focused on artificial intelligence and cognitive and autonomous products for business. The company was founded as IPsoft in 1998 by Chetan Dube. In 2014, IPsoft launched Amelia, the first cognitive agent that interacts like a human, opening a new chapter in the company’s growth.

In 2020, IPsoft rebranded to Amelia to better reflect the company’s primary product, which was named after the legendary pilot Amelia Earhart. The new name has already passed audience testing since the consumers have been familiar with it for a long time. The company also secured the brand’s exact match domain, which redirects to Obtaining a short and memorable .com domain name is a critical first step in the process of building a worldwide brand. Most top AI companies operate on .com domain names that match their brand name. This boosts the company’s credibility and gives them a permanent edge over the competition.

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