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Eddy is an all-in-one HR suite designed specifically for local firms. With Eddy, businesses can efficiently hire, onboard, manage, and pay their employees through a single, easy-to-use software platform, removing the usual HR headaches and promoting a more effective workflow. Eddy initially included “HR” in its name and used the domain, but the company later upgraded to

Eddy is a British-origin gender-neutral name meaning “rich in friendship” or “wealthy friend.” This choice of name aligns with the company’s mission of being a reliable, friendly, and invaluable partner to businesses in managing their human resources.

The company has been included in our recent report on the use of personal names as brand names. The report highlights the benefits of using a personal name as a brand, such as building trust, creating a more personal connection with customers, and giving the brand a distinct character and authenticity.

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