Snapcommerce Rebrands to Super After Shifting From E-commerce to Finance and Launching a New Product

The exciting story of Super goes back to 2016 when the company launched under the name Snaptravel, providing hotel booking services over SMS and messenger. Four years later, Snaptrvel founders created Snapcommerce as a new overarching brand with the intention of establishing various companies under the ‘Snap’ umbrella. Snapcommerce has focused on e-commerce, using the AI-powered platform behind Snaptravel to expand into new verticals. This year, the company made a new turn to fintech, introducing its new brand name Super as well as new product offerings such as SuperCash (new product launch), SuperTravel (formerly SnapTravel), and SuperShop (formerly SnapShop). 

The company seems to have arrived at its final destination on its expanding path, ditching the limited “Snap” in favor of the globally recognized and utilized term “Super,” associated with positivity and quality. Super has also invested in the premium domain name asset According to our research, companies in the fintech sector prefer EBM and .com domain names as they enhance the brand’s credibility and trust, which is crucial in the industry.

Old domain
Name Complexity, Limited Recognition, Brand Complexity
New domain