Fixie Reveals Global Ambitions with Upgrade to

Founded in 2022 by former Apple and Google engineering heads, Fixie provides a cloud-based platform for building, hosting, and scaling natural language agents that integrate with arbitrary tools, data sources, and APIs. 

Fixie launched their business on the domain name, utilising the .ai extension as a part of their brand name. The .ai extension originates from Anguilla and many businesses in the AI field are aware of that fact and the risks it can carry for their brands. While having a domain name that reflects a company's activity can attract potential customers, it can also limit its growth as it expands into new markets or services.

Fixie found a way to address these challenges by investing in the exact brand match domain name This investment not only adds credibility and trust to the brand but also provides the flexibility and scalability needed for future growth. The domain upgrade will make it easier for customers to find and remember the website while avoiding security risks and traffic leaks. The majority of top brands in the AI space operate on .com domain names exactly matching their brand name. This improves credibility and creates a long-lasting competitive advantage for their business.

Old domain
Global Expansion, Market Recognition, Traffic Loss
New domain