Stik Acquires A New Chapter in the British Graffiti Artist's Career

London-based British graffiti artist Stik, renowned for his stick figure-like street art, recently acquired the prime domain Stik is secretive about his personal life and has built a strong personal brand around his pseudonym, relevant to his signature street art pieces. Personal branding involves creating and preserving one’s reputation and public image as an individual. It is a continuous effort and increasingly popular among artists and freelancers, but also entrepreneurs of all walks of life. It requires careful consideration of one’s digital image, not just showcasing their story. Domain names play a crucial role in expanding an online presence and providing easy access for their audience.

Stik’s primary domain name is, with redirecting to it. The .org domain extension was initially intended for organizations that did not fit into other existing domains such as commercial, networking, university, government, or military. Over time, .org became limited to only nonprofits. However, this restriction was lifted in August 2019 following the sale of the domain name registry to an investment company. By acquiring, Stik improved his credibility as an artist and established authority in his field. Exact brand match domain names like aid long-term success. 

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