Pactera EDGE Becomes Centific to Reflect Its Evolution and Growth as a Leading Digital Solutions Provider

Centific is a global digital and technology services company dedicated to designing, building, and optimising human-centric intelligent digital platforms. In January 2023, Centific announced a rebrand from its previous name, Pactera EDGE, three years after it spun off from its parent company, Pactera Technology International Ltd. According to the statement, the new brand name Centific (pronounced cen-ti’-fik) is inspired by the human-centric approach to the company’s solutions, coupled with the rigor characterised in its execution.

Centific has taken a significant step towards increasing its brand value by investing in the exact brand match domain A domain name is the foundation of a company’s online identity and serves as a crucial element of its branding strategy. In the digital age, where consumers are inundated with information, a brand’s ability to be memorable is critical for building strong relationships with customers, business partners, and investors. By investing in a one-word .com domain, Centific has taken an important step towards cementing its position as a trusted and reliable brand.

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