TurnoverBnB Rebrands as Turno, Enhancing Brand Recognition and Driving Expansion

In February 2023, TurnoverBnB embraced a new identity as Turno, opting for a more streamlined name to boost brand recognition, foster growth, and align more closely with the company’s mission and vision.

The choice to change a company name can be challenging, as it may disrupt brand identity and recognition. In the case of TurnoverBnB, the company realised that their original name was lengthy and complex, potentially obstructing its growth. By adopting Turno, a shorter and more easily pronounceable name, the company increases the likelihood of users remembering the brand – an essential factor in promoting the visibility and reach of the platform. The business also switched to the shorter and more memorable domain name – Turno.com, opening new growth and development opportunities.

Old domain
Name Complexity, Limited Recognition, Limiting Growth, Brand Complexity
New domain