From to A Domain Upgrade to Support Business Growth

Founded in 2021 by Oban MacTavish and Cooper Hart, Spade introduced a transaction enrichment API leveraging data to provide real-time insights into merchants, categories, and geolocations.

Following a successful funding round, Spade upgraded its domain name from to the exact brand match Upgrading to a .com domain is often seen as a signal of a company’s growth and success, as it can improve brand recognition and help establish a more significant online presence.

Unlike more established extensions, the .dev domain might not be as widely trusted by consumers, potentially posing challenges for businesses aiming to attract traffic and cultivate a broad customer base.

For Spade, which aims to establish itself as a leader in the Fintech industry, upgrading to a more widely recognised domain extension like .com is a strategic move to expand its reach and appeal to a broader audience. SmartBranding's research shows that 71% of the top Fintech companies prefer exact brand-match domain names, which carry trust and credibility – two crucial factors in the financial sector.

Old domain
Limited Recognition, Limiting Growth, Lack of Credibility
New domain