Dune Analytics Opens up to a Lot More Than Just Analytics with Dune.com Upgrade

Dune Analytics is a Web 3 data platform allowing users to create SQL queries on blockchain data for free. The results are visualised as charts. Dune simplified its brand name, dropping the word “analytics” and, invested in the premium one-word domain name Dune.com. 

A natural step on the company’s path to growing and attaining a leadership position in the sector seems to be dropping the restricting descriptive part of its brand and domain name. Descriptive domain names are often used to communicate what the company does or what services it provides. The most significant disadvantage of those is that as businesses grow and offer a wider range of items or services, the added words become limiting and confusing. One-word .com domain names like Dune.com, on the other hand, enhance the company’s overall brand positioning with benefits such as memorability, flexibility, organic type-in traffic, and higher returns for each marketing dollar spent.

Old domain
Restrictive, Limiting Growth, Market Positioning Issues
New domain