Kolonial.no Evolves into Oda: A Rebrand Aimed at Unlocking Wider Possibilities for Expansion and Growth

Since Kolonial.no has developed the world’s most efficient online store for groceries, it has decided it is time for another step forward. The company announced it is changing its name from Kolonial.no to Oda. 

Kolonial also acquired the exact brand match domain name Oda.com to enhance wider possibilities for expansion and growth. Three-letter .com domains like Oda.com are rare and valuable due to the fact they are easy to remember and can be used as acronyms for companies with longer names. With only 17,576 possible three-letter combinations, all .com variations have already been claimed and are only available for resale. Considering that there are more than 150 million .com domains currently registered, owning a three-letter .com domain reflects not only prestige but is also a solid investment in the brand’s future.

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