Earning Designs Rebrands as Exdera to Reflect its Advanced Expertise and Expanded Range of Services

Exdera is the new name for Earning Designs, a renowned UI/UX design and development agency based in Bengaluru, India. The rebranding comes as a response to the company’s growth and evolution, as the original name no longer effectively conveyed the full scope of its comprehensive services. 

In addition to the rebrand, the business has transitioned to the matching domain name, Exdera.com. A domain name serves as the cornerstone of a company’s online presence, playing a pivotal role in its branding strategy. In today’s information-saturated digital era, it is crucial for a brand to be memorable in order to forge enduring relationships with customers, business partners, and investors. By investing in a one-word .com domain, Exdera has taken a decisive step to fortify its reputation as a trusted and reliable agency.

Old domain
Product Expansion, Limiting Growth, Industry Evolution
New domain