Profit Software Becomes Evitec to Reflect Its Evolution and Drive New Growth Opportunities

Profit Software is a leading provider of system solutions and consulting services to the Nordic financial service industry. Originally established as a software-focused enterprise, Profit Software has since evolved to offer a multifaceted portfolio of services, including innovative products, point solutions, expert consulting services, and business intelligence solutions. To aptly render its growth and evolution, the company rebranded as Evitec at the end of 2022, coinciding with the celebration of its 30th anniversary. By transitioning away from the limiting “Software” descriptor, Evitec has broadened its perspectives , fostering greater potential for expansion and going beyond the constraints associated with being solely perceived as a software service provider.

With the name change, the company also switched to the shorter and more memorable domain name, By choosing a memorable name, Evitec can build deeper relationships with its customers, business partners and investors and improve brand recognition in the highly competitive fintech industry. As Evitec expands its capabilities and increases its market share, the rebranding presents new opportunities for growth and development, positioning the company for long-term success.

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Market Positioning Issues, Restrictive, Product Expansion, Limiting Growth, Industry Evolution
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