Calendso's Rebranding Paves Way for Simplicity and Recognition, an open-source calendar, scheduling, and appointment initiative that reduces emails and workload, started with a completely different brand name. The company rebranded from Calendso to in September 2021.

In October 2020, Peer Richelsen joined the On Deck Founder Fellowship. After desperately looking for “Calendly Open Source” on Google without success, he decided to move forward with the idea of starting his calendly alternative:

In September 2021, 5 months after the first initial launch on Product Hunt, Peer Richelsen, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Cal, announced Calandso is rebranding to

In the continuation of the announcement, the company also mentioned that going from (8 letters) down to (3 letters) saves you 62.5% of typing. They even made this cute gif that will show what better what they are talking about.

Old domain
Brand Misalignment, Brand Complexity, Limited Adaptability
New domain