Sextant Stays Rebrands to Roami, Reflecting Impressive Growth and Commitment to Human-Centred Hospitality

Sextant Stays, a human-centred hospitality company, has recently undergone a rebrand and changed its name to Roami. According to the company, the rebrand is more than just a name change – it reflects the evolving nature of travel and the brand’s commitment to keeping up with these changes.

We often see businesses rebranding when they have outgrown their name, like Denim, Adwisely, Hapana, Deft, and many more. Roami has further increased its brand value by investing in the exact brand match domain, opening new growth and development opportunities. One word .com domains project authority and professionalism and are much easier to type, thus improving the user experience. The ability of a name to be memorable helps brands to build stronger relationships with their customers, business partners, and investors. With its memorable name and commitment to innovation, Roami is poised to become a major player in the world of hospitality.

Old domain
Name Complexity, Limiting Growth
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