Dapulse to Monday.com: A Rebranding Story of Resilience and Monumental Growth

Monday.com, a leading collaboration and productivity platform, transformed its brand identity by shedding the restrictive name Dapulse, embodying a new era of resilience, innovation, and growth. This strategic rebranding has not only elevated the company's image but also significantly contributed to its success in the global market.

The new name was chosen because it was simple, generic, and memorable, making it easier for people to remember and find. Additionally, Monday.com was a more fitting name for a project management tool as it evokes the idea of starting a new workweek and getting organised.

The previous name of the company, DaPulse, proved to be a hindrance as it was frequently mocked by both internal staff and external individuals who failed to grasp the correlation between the name and the company’s offerings. 

Old domain
Name Complexity, Lack of Credibility, Limited Recognition
New domain