Root Insurance Consolidates Its Brand and Removes Limitations With Investment

US-based car insurance company Root has secured the premium domain name The company launched on the domain name, they’ve also secured Using call-to-action verbs like “get” and “join” is commonly seen among startups as the added word does not alter the meaning of the brand name and offers much more availability at a lower cost. Adding descriptive words is another common way to get a domain name that’s available and on a budget. Root has done both, a sign they were taking domain names seriously, even before they could invest in their exact brand match name.

Being in the financial sphere, trust and loyalty are crucial for startups like Root. More than 70% of brands in the fintech space have invested in .com domains exactly matching their brand. Investing in opens a wide range of opportunities for the business – they are no longer limited to Insurance only as a sphere of activity. It also signals strength and shows to clients, investors and business partners that Root is here to stay.

Old domain
Traffic Loss, User Confusion, Limiting Growth
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