invests in to Avoid User Confusion

Used by more than half of all websites, the ".com" is the most popular extension in today's digital world. Widely recognised and adopted, it has become the default option for online businesses, organisations, personal websites, and blogs. 

A recent example of this is ChatSpot. Inspired by the success of ChatGPT, Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO of HubSpot, led his team to create ChatSpot—an app powered by ChatGPT that helps businesses grow better by streamlining their HubSpot CRM activities. ChatSpot uses natural language processing to make requests and tasks easier to handle, making it a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and productivity.

Dharmesh is an entrepreneur with a proven track record of appreciating the value of premium domains. He recently acquired and resold for an 8 figure amount (both acquisition and sale were confidential, it was only announced the price was in the 8 figures).

Initially, ChatSpot was launched on the domain. In a recent blog post, the company announced the acquisition of the EBM, which now redirects users to 

The primary motivation behind this investment was to address the confusion experienced by users who naturally typed instead of This is a common problem with domain extensions alternative to .com, resulting in traffic leaks and a negative user experience. By acquiring the domain, the company aims to eliminate this confusion and provide a seamless browsing experience for its users and business partners.

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