PDFTron Commits to Innovation and Excellence with a Rebrand to Apryse

PDFTron has elevated document solutions to a new level, making work more efficient and life simpler. In February 2023, the company rebranded under the name Apryse to better reflect its expanded offerings and commitment to innovation in the document processing industry. Rebranding due to a limiting brand name is a common occurrence in the business world. A brand name that was once thought to be unique and memorable may become limiting over time as the company expands, such as in the case of Apryse, or shifts its focus. 

To support its rebranding, Apryse has invested in the exact brand match domain name Apryse.com launching a newly designed website to reflect its expanded solutions and customer base accurately. When undergoing a rebranding, obtaining an exact match domain for the brand can significantly aid in establishing brand recognition and consistency. This makes it simpler for customers to locate and retain the website in their memory, resulting in heightened traffic and brand awareness. 

Old domain
Restrictive, Product Expansion, Limiting Growth
New domain