Cliverse Media's All About Cats Transforms into, a Global Hub for Cat Lovers and Care

Cliverse Media has announced a major rebrand of its flagship website, All About Cats, now known as The change is a reflection of the site’s dedication to providing cat enthusiasts with the most in-depth and reliable information on feline care, behaviour, health, products, and much more.

Back in the late 1990s, was under the ownership of a company called C•ATS Software Inc. Then, in 2015, a person named Algis bought the domain. He noted something quite interesting about it: every month, over 15,000 people were typing into their browsers, just out of curiosity. Now, with its new direction, those thousands of curious individuals will find a world of information about cats waiting for them.

Premium domains like can carry immense value. Their simple, memorable names make them highly desirable, as they’re intuitive to internet users and typically garner a high volume of direct traffic. The premium nature of these domains also gives them a sense of authority and legitimacy in the eyes of users. In the context of, a clear and relevant domain name perfectly suits the purpose of the website while increasing its visibility and credibility. Owning a premium domain like is like owning prime real estate in the digital world, potentially leading to greater visitor retention, a stronger brand identity, and ultimately success in its mission to educate and connect with cat enthusiasts around the world.

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Name Complexity, Limited Recognition, Limited Adaptability
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