Northern Pacific Airways Joins Elite List of Airlines with Two Letter .com Domain

Northern Pacific Airways, established in 2021, is a low-cost airline connecting North America and Asia by stopping at its Alaska hub. 

The airline did a major upgrade from its domain name to the premium, highly sought-after two letter Two letter .com names are highly prized due to their limited availability. With only 676 possible combinations (26 x 26), these domains are a rare find. Many big brands, such as Under Armor, Google, Phillip Morris, and Burger King, own these valuable domains, reflecting their prestige and recognition in the market. With this bold move, Northern Pacific joins the list of well-known airlines like American Airlines ( and British Airways ( operating on highly valuable assets that provide a number of benefits from a marketing perspective, including exclusivity, memorability, credibility, and improved online visibility.

Northern Pacific Airways
Old domain
Brand Confusion, Traffic Loss, Brand Misalignment, Lack of Credibility
New domain